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In the News - Mossy Creek Stables and Elite Barns

Featured in Architectural Digest - June, 2010

June 2010 - Architectural Digest - Featuring Mossy Creek Stables and Elite BarnsIt's not everyone who wants a dream barn, and it's certainly not everyone who can design one. But for Sharon Re, of Temple, New Hampshire, doing so turned out to be surprisingly easy: "I saw it in my head and just had to create it," she says. "I wanted something that was fun but impressive at the same time. not just a cutesy barn," she explains. "I don't like normal, boring, in-the-box-type stuff.

Mossy Creek Stables, the two-story combined barn and caretaker's ouarters they built, is set alongside some of the paddocks that dot the 50-acre property that Re and her husband, Chuck, own. From a distance, the 7,075-square-foot structure, with its monitor roof and flared cupola, fits seamlessly into the surrounding calendar-art landscape, complete with silos,copious ponds and ubiquitous white fences.

Download the entire article here.

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